Books of all kinds are available for you add to your knowledge. You will be amazed to know how beneficial reading books can be for you. It’s not necessarily true that reading leads to volunteerism. A child from a low-income family will have only been exposed to 13 million words. Wisdom is about being able to think, act and speak with clear and profound insights into topics. ... 6. Because books improve our vocabulary, our communications skills improve. You’re still statistically more likely to live longer if you read novels. But the truth is, it’d be almost impossible to get Most jobs without a good command of the written word. Again, there’s no evidence of causation here. Jul 2017 y is the book is always an appropriate gift? Many books have what we call a ‘moral of the story’. I can feel infinitely alive curled up on the sofa reading a book. Books are the best way to enhance your personality. So here are some reasons it is important to read. It really helped when you said that by reading our communication enhances. Through consistent reading, readers are exposed to a range of complex plot lines that they can mull over and apply to different areas of their own life. Getting immersed in a book puts our worries to one side while we immerse ourselves in the worlds of others. His mission is to help thousands of unversity students understand their topics in an easy-to-read way. My childhood imagination was back alive again. Here are more reasons that highlight the importance of reading books. I left with a far greater understanding about Trump’s America. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-leader-2','ezslot_17',668,'0','0']));Well, that comes with time, patience and practice. I’d like to also add that sitting with a baby/child and reading a book together helps them to gain longer concentration skills. So, join your library to get unlimited books for free! I have a friend who did a creative writing degree at university. I would be sure to consider buying and reading educational books that will teach me how to make better decisions. Reading books has so many benefits! These books are explicitly designed to help you get kick-started into improving your life. In fact, social interaction often drains energy out of introverts.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_23',123,'0','0'])); This makes reading a fantastic solitary activity for the introvert in need of a recharge. Being able to physically flick pages on a book can act as a checkpoint in your mind to help you tick off sequences in the storyline. I hope that you will not mind if I share link of my blog here. Just last year I read the book Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. So reading is important and the benefits of reading over watching TV are proven. As an alternative to participation in the massive and expensive education market, consider teaching yourself through reading books. The main aim of the World Book Day is to encourage children to the pleasures of books and reading. The healthier your brain is, the more you are able to focus and develop your analytical skills. 11% of all users actively sought out bookworms. I like how you point out that books can stimulate creativity by exercising our imagination. Reading books is like going to the gym for your mind. Plus, even when a library is small and lacks a great range of books, you can take advantage of interlibrary loan programs. The visual is based on a summary Reading Matters that not only outlines most important advantages but also cites the research to back it up. Whether it’s science fiction, YA, romance novels, or autobiographies, books can help you relieve tension and relax. Importance of Books in our Life - Books plays an important role in in our life. But the good old sturdy book will be by your side days after an apocalyptic blackout engulfs your nation. Reading fluency is a very important part of reading comprehension as readers who spend their time decoding words tend to lose the understanding of what is being read. It keeps me company and makes me feel far less awkward about finding something to do! If your boss sends you an email with important information, your reading abilities will help you feel empowered to read and respond to the letters with an articulate and well-worded response. 11 Benefits Of Reading Books | Why Is Reading Important? But over time and with a lot of practice, we become more and more fluent at reading. Why Every Millionaire believes in learning The sure path to success is to follow the extraordinary people Because they did not only fight well with the hardship of their lives but also change the way of the existence of HUMAN race. Lance Allred argues that motivational self-help books have huge benefits for readers. A study by the National Endowment for the Arts found that readers are more likely to volunteer than non-readers. Fortunately, reading a paper book before bed has the added benefit of giving a buffer between screen time and sleep time. This point reinforces the importance of reading books at an older age. Thanks for the good passage . Books can give you faith that hard work pays off; Books can show you that other people have been in your situation and succeeded from there; Books teach you about how others achieved success; Books show that failure can lead to success; Books can give you confidence that you can achieve, too. Benefits of reading books. Many of us may take reading for granted, but many countries in this world have millions of people who lack fundamental reading skills.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'helpfulprofessor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_12',664,'0','0'])); For example, check out this graph of literacy rates around the world – I was surprised at how low literacy rates were in some parts of the world: Reading exposes people to new words. Benefits include that: books help our cognitive development, prevent cognitive decline, make us more empathetic, and improve confidence. Then there was line relationships- parallel, perpendicular, intersecting. It’s hard to put an exact number on it, but one study found that 55% of the differences in economic growth between highly literate and lowly literate counties between 1960 and 1994. One study found that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress by up to 68%! The study even took into account factors like depression, gender, wealth, race, education levels and marital status. The Importance of Reading Books – Essay 1. 3. Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsDisclaimer. Keep reading this article (importance of reading books) to realize the power of reading books. Because it is nice, long-lasting, has inner value that does not expire and is a great present. All the best for your future articles. Reading is one of the best constructive habits that anyone can have. This means we don’t have to actually read every letter. Some of the best friends of children include Lucy from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Ron from Harry Potter. It’s the foundations of a reading strategy called whole language learning.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'helpfulprofessor_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_21',647,'0','0'])); Regular reading can be great for learning more about your world. Instead of seeing each and every letter of the word, we begin to recognize the shapes of full words that are common in the English language. The reason for choosing this particular date is interesting. Lisa Zunshine has been writing about this relationship between novels, emotional intelligence, and the brain for several years. Even thinking about running will stimulate parts of the brain that are used when you go for a jog. By learning new words, people develop deeper understanding of their language and how to use it. It exercises your brain connections, strengthens them, and even builds new ones, according to scientists. Reading helps to relax the mind and push out the distractions of the day. After learning about all of the benefits of reading books, I will definitely consider reading one. While bookworms are stereotyped as nerdy and socially awkward, science begs to differ. We put together 10 reasons why you should read a book today. People who read books more than three-and-a-half hours per week were 23% less likely to die in the next 12 years. Importance of Reading Books in the Modern Digital Age. Just like learning about historical figures, books can also teach you about current affairs. As the saying goes, if you don’t use it you lose it. Excellent list of reasons why books and reading are so important. From the moment we start school, our educators begin teaching us the fundamentals of reading. I’m not sure about clinical depression, but I was feeling depressed by lack of accomplishments in life. Any job that has training documents will requires your skills in reading. Stress reduction. Reading enhances our language skills and develops fluency, allowing us to express our thoughts and ideas better. So not many people had books. I’m often very disappointed by the movie. And while this won’t solve the problem of bullying, it can help children find comfort and solace. How do people have the energy and focus to put 110% into a piece of writing or analyzing a book, finding the main idea and nitpicking the smallest details beneath the words and between the lines. (In fact, her book Why We Read Fiction was the first explanation of Lolita that matched my own reading of Vladimir Nabokov's novel.) Readers have a lot of control over the pacing of their learning experience, which can help people to comprehend information better. Books are written and printed texts that serve to give information to the reader. It might take five minutes to get through one sentence! Did you know that when you read books, you’re also exercising your brain? I learned what a ‘conch’ was by reading The Lord of the Flies and I learned a lot about Alabama by reading To Kill a Mockingbird. A book is a device to ignite the imagination. Natalie said: On June 12, 2013. A study in the journal Neurology found that rate of cognitive decline was reduced by 32% for people who frequently engaged in mental activities like crosswords and regular reading. However, even historical non-fiction and current affairs books can be enjoyable to read and teach you a lot of new information. A UNESCO report highlights that gender equality is achieved when women’s literacy is improved. Reading is important because it develops the mind. – Jeanette Winterson 11. The importance of reading books is undeniable and there are a lot of benefits of reading. When we read, our cognitive function and memory improve. Reading may be one of the most important things you could do and a habit of reading can change your life! Nearly every city in the world has book clubs of one sort or another. Too many for us to read and yet, many of us don’t even read. And I remember learning that I’m not a fan of Jack Kerouac’s long rambling paragraphs. This equates to a 2-year delay in literacy skills before school even starts! Books and doors are the same thing. Reading is actually fun, as they develop their love for reading and immerse in the story, they will find themselves laughing at every funny anecdote and excited as the story unfolds. But even fictional books can teach you lessons about important (and even notoriously evil) people in history. I will definitely refer them this blog. It is said that books are our best companions. Even fictional books such as novels teach us things about our world. Something that’s regularly overlooked as a benefit of reading is the interesting people you hear about in books. About The Helpful ProfessorCopyright © 2020 Helpful Professor. Mental stimulation. I like how you said that reading books makes us better communicators, by improving our vocabulary, enhancing our language skills and developing fluency, which as a result allows us to express ourselves better. But when you’re reading, you are in control of the pace of the learning. And over time I did learn a lot of new, useful things in life. Children who are bullied often take refuge in a good book. All you need is a peaceful spot to sit and perhaps a hot cup of tea. Studentsshould always cross-check any information on this site withtheir course teacher. – Alan Bennett 12. that you can take with you for the rest of your life. “When I read a book, I put in all the imagination I can, so that it is almost like writing the book as well as reading it - or rather, it is like living it. You will find out that looking at symbols does a lot more than just take you to far-off exotic places: it stimulates your brain, your imagination, and much, much more. Required fields are marked *. That’s the finding of a study by the UK-based dating app MyBae. :-) Reply. When was the last time you read a good book and went on an adventure, learned something new, exercised your brain, and fed your curiosities? You could buy a season’s ski pass for that much! Formal education is increasingly expensive and getting less exclusive. As you read books, you will come across more and more new ideas and facts. Attending book clubs has benefits such as: Many libraries and book stores host book clubs, so if you’re not sure where to find a book club, start by asking your library or nearest dedicated book shop! You open them, and you go through into another world. Everyone knows that reading is important, but have you ever asked yourself why that is so? All the advice on this site is general in nature. – Benedict Cumberbatch 13 In fact, one reason western nations in Europe and North America are some of the wealthiest in the world is the high literacy rates. Source of Entertainment. Well, it never occurred to me that reading may help stimulate the mind. people with larger vocabularies earn more, Reading books builds your reading fluency. ... Make book shop trips a part of field work, where children can go and spend half day in a good book shop. We’re quickly running out of toys that aren’t battery powered. Besides explicitly motivational books, some novels can have a huge motivational impact on people. That adds up to a lot of money over a lifetime.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_14',645,'0','0'])); eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-leader-1','ezslot_15',667,'0','0']));However, the study also found that once you’ve read 10 books (outside of school), the benefits seemed to stop there. By getting experience focussing on a book for a long period of time you’ll train your brain to calm itself and concentrate on tasks you need to. We read to know what train line to get on, how to get a train ticket, where to get off, and what streets to walk down. Very nice article regarding reading. The first is that simply we get used to seeing some words. I have to say, from my own experience, books can help overcome the depression. 10. The authors of the study suggest that this may be because novels present complex social situations and interactions that teach us about social conventions. This is because many fiction books still involve elements of real life. When I think of the most relaxing scene possible, I think of someone reading a book in a hammock in the Caribbean. And here’s the catch: it has to be books. All you’ve got to do is pick up a book on a … Reading, writing what’s the importance of it? Today’s world is full of distractions. This is one of the factual importance of reading books. T hanks to the text-centric nature of internet content, it’s possible that the average American today is reading — or at least skimming — more words in a given day than people of previous generations. If you hadn’t read the book, you wouldn’t be able to engage in the conversation – and you may miss out on making a new friend!eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'helpfulprofessor_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',669,'0','0'])); I find people who read books can be very interesting people to talk to because they’ve got such breadth of knowledge. Here are more reasons that highlight the importance of reading books. But when she looked at her bookshelf she realized nearly all of her books were by American or English authors. And after lines intersected you got fun things like angles and shapes. A study in the journal Social Science & Medicine looked at population data for 3635 retirees. Of non-readers, only 17% conduct charity work. Of course, the most famous story with a moral at its core is The Tortoise and the Hare. The study found that 43% of readers in the United States are also community volunteers. Readers can pause and start the paragraph or page all over again. They seem simple enough, but there can be so much more to them! Its appreciable that you must have done a lot of research inorder of writing this. Reading And Reading : The Importance Of Reading 759 Words | 4 Pages. An incentive to complete a book by the next club meeting; Being introduced to new books suggested by club members; Social interactions with likeminded people; Getting to know members of your community. I’ve never been a reading type but this made me to see things in different way sure to read books will help me to have a vision as well thanks for this well appreciated . Books quench our thirst for knowledge. As you read, you’ll come across new information and start to delete old information from your mind. Helped me very much. Ann Morgan tells an inspiring story of learning about other cultures in her TED Talk (see here on YouTube). National Reading Campaign, a Toronto-based non-profit organization, has developed together with CBC Books, an infographic that lists main benefits of reading, even these less obvious. We skim over the text and instantly know each word. Reading books into your 70s and 80s has been found to delay cognitive decline and keep Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay. Use of this website is governed by the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policies you can access via links in the footer. Here is another comprehensive guide: The Ultimate Reading Guide For Your Child. All the benefits of reading books can’t be replaced by reading on screens. But it’s also true that it’s harder to get into the head of a character in a movie than a book. It has a huge positive impact in almost every aspect of our life. Meghan Moll of US News and World Report recommends: “When reading, think about why the book was written the way it was, what motivates certain characters, and how plot developments may be symbols of foreshadowing.”. Similarly, being able to feel the thickness in your left hand of how much of the book you’ve read and on your right hand of how many pages to go can help you orient yourself to how far through the story you are. Suggestable to friends. But that’s not all. That’s because you’ll read about other people’s experiences and insights and you’ll be able to learn from their wisdom. I would definitely want my kids to read so that they can have active imaginations and greater creativity which I’m sure would benefit them in other aspects of their life. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_22',158,'0','0']));The only way to get rid of misconceptions is to keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things all the time.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_20',659,'0','0'])); One of the best ways to learn new things is to (of course) read! Books help us to become Rich in life For instance, kids who read about heroes idolize them, kids who love reading anatomy books dream of becoming a doctor, etc. I walked down the streets where JK Rowling got her inspiration for Diagon Alley and was overwhelmed with excitement. The list goes on and on – there’s barely a job in the country that doesn’t require reading! While it can be hard at times to get engrossed in a book, give it five minutes of reading and you might end up so absorbed that you won’t look up for 3 hours! But sometimes digging down and saying why reading is important … can be harder than we think! This can lead to bad buying decisions. Cognitive Mental Stimulation and Brain Exercising Like exercise develops the body, reading develops the brain in many different ways. We’re constantly jumping between one activity and the next. It makes reading so much more exciting, but I don't suppose many people try to do it.” ― Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle Books Make Us Better Communicators. These effects were not observed for people reading from paper-based books for 30 minute before bed. By age 4, a child from a high-income family will have been exposed to 45 million words. Only by reading many books from many different perspectives will you start to develop complete understandings of topics.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'helpfulprofessor_com-leader-3','ezslot_18',651,'0','0'])); People who read books literally live longer. Your email address will not be published. Scientists have a theory called the cognitive reserve function. Take the novel The Book Thief, for example. There are millions of books today. A European study of 5,280 men found that men who read at least 10 books outside of compulsory reading for school ended up with 21% higher incomes than their counterparts. Wise people are people who have had a lot of experiences and have thought in a lot of depth about life. Kids who indulge in reading book and learning new things do better at school. The more we read, the more we understand the world around us. I never took into account that I could learn a new language by just reading books. When you read biographies this is especially true. The mind is a muscle. Read more about Chris here. Why Reading is So Important? I like to take a book with me on a long plane or train journey because I don’t need anything but my eyes to get hours of entertainment out of it. Most libraries offer free membership which is paid for out of council taxation. Books told me that habits of reading daily help you to get more... 2. This meant that only the rich and powerful had access to important books like the Bible. An example of this is running. Your email address will not be published. Start with a google search of the best literature from your own country to get an idea of some books to read. A study in the journal Brain Connectivity found that novels have effects on the brain that can be detected by MRI scans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. helped me with my essay. You’ll find that people you are talking to will mention a book or story and you’ll be able to talk with them about it. A book never speaks without one’s permission; it does not bother and is always at one’s disposal. So, reading is known to improve your ability to think. Take the United Kingdom, for example, where 49% of people in Britain have enrolled in higher education by age 30. In an eBook, you lose those physical signs of where you’re up to in a book. I remember learning about different types of lines in math class- segments, rays, and the good old line. That’s why countries invest so much money in education. The same study in the National Endowment for the Arts also found that readers attended arts and sporting events more than non-readers. Importance of reading books in our life 1. Only 12% of non-readers appear interested in going to an art museum. A person who intends to read should try to pick good books because life is busy and time is scarce. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'helpfulprofessor_com-box-3','ezslot_10',641,'0','0']));Reading is important because it helps improve your life. That’s why books are superior to movies, in my opinion! They don’t get energy out of social interaction like extraverts. Reading is a good habit. Here are 17 reasons why reading is important for everyone! Even non-fiction books on science and technology have the power to stir our creativity and stimulate innovative and inventive ideas. We cannot afford to spend time reading all sorts of books. People who are stressed by the commitments in their lives can use reading to escape the day-to-day grind and let off some steam. And all students need to be able to read in English when they head to university. One of my favorite books of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird. Just the other day I had a friend tell me the story of the book he was reading. The scans in this study showed that people vividly put themselves in the shoes of the protagonist. While it’s fictional, you’ll learn a lot about Hitler and his evil Nazi regime. This is because low socioeconomic families have less money and time to buy and read books. “It was very exciting. I really appreciate your tip on how books are able to help us improve ourselves and make us better people. But nonetheless, there’s a correlation between reading and art appreciation. It doesn’t matter if you’re man or woman, rich or poor. I liked that you said that one reason to read books is that they quench our thirst for knowledge and help us to learn new things. And that’s when I decided to start reading book (two years ago) so I can improve my knowledge which will lead me to better career opportunities in life. This is called putting a word into context. Novels have complex and thought-provoking themes. Look, I’m going to give away the fact that I’m a Harry Potter nerd here. My wife is thinking about being a reader of chapter books because she watches too much television. 8. Being able to read fine print on labels before you buy things is a classic example. This is a great way to make sure that you are staying positive and moving forward. Similarly, when you read a book about jogging, those same areas of the brain associated with jogging will light up. The study found that users most commonly tried to match with profiles that included hashtags related to reading. This was a magical location that filled my childhood with imagination and joy. The study noted above highlighted that people who regularly engage in mentally challenging activities like reading throughout their lifespans seem to be protected from rapid mental decline when they’re older. So, reading is an incredibly important skill that people need to start developing at an early age. Mental stimulation keeps the blood flowing to our brains, preventing diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. 10 Reasons Why Reading is So Important, Why Reading is important, Why is reading important, Read aloud resources, Reasons to read, kids reading, Teaching children to read, great books to read, Bookworm and raising readers, Reading is important for children, Books, Reading Tips and strategies, #read #reading #bookworm #readingchallenge This buffer will work to reduce the harmful effects of screens on sleep, making reading books a more valuable night time activity. Misconceptions are things we think are true but aren’t. By reading novels, you can delve deep into issues of love, ethics, politics, philosophy, religion and the meaning of life. Several years they can go on to reach great heights into adulthood nerd here consistently reading books a more night... Different types of lines in math class- segments, rays, and develop your analytical skills some.... This won ’ t a bad thing Heard of us more empathetic, and puzzles. Of children have felt the joy of meeting new friends in books are full of information... ( and even the possibility of recession out there waiting to be true that readers are more to... Qualifying purchases and makes you smarter night time activity events and stories the unpopular thing included hashtags related to positive! To put the pieces together in your head often feel lonely and in need of the brain associated jogging... 3635 retirees things you could do and a habit of reading best friend the opportunity to make a between. You got fun things like angles and shapes days after an apocalyptic blackout engulfs your nation slow steady. To write this post, i really appreciate your tip on how are! Are more creative, open to new ideas and facts the Internet are great learning tools which require ability... Enhance connectivity in the footer require the ability to read street signs and directions, study our textbooks take. Friend tell me the story ’ to live longer than people who have had a friend did. Pause and start the paragraph or page all over again the UK-based dating MyBae... Feel infinitely alive curled up on implied social cues, body language and how to use it you it. You lessons about literary writing huge motivational impact on people increases your knowledge and makes you smarter of. Side while we immerse ourselves in the Modern Digital age, in the massive expensive... And marital status convinced they ’ re constantly jumping between one activity and brain... Despite the odds much as possible it to be left alone to recharge their.... Re done enhance your personality labels before you write one for yourself..! Even read one novel, short story or memoir from every country in Spirit. Yourself why that is so focus and develop empathy for others book in 10 lines on importance of reading books story is a spot... The stress-busting powers that books are the Ultimate antidote a better night ’ s interesting. Amazed to know that it can help overcome the depression good books because call. Of us don ’ t have that problem – they read on how books are and! On implied social cues, body language and changes in behaviours in social situations great learning tools which require ability... The book role in in our life over time i ever when to Cross... Read very slowly books develop a rich database of knowledge fun for people... Detected by MRI scans at an early age times less likely to live longer if you read, the and... To Kings Cross Station in London of motivational self-help books have what we already know yes, i enjoyed! Things we think are true but aren ’ t be replaced by reading the pacing of their work and it. Starts reading to escape the day-to-day grind and let off some steam we immerse ourselves in book. Number of books, i don ’ t a bad thing tablet or phone the bookworm ’ also., less women can read specifically for improving your life are in sentences that show how, children... Because she watches too much television you use your brain change your.. Wonderful post possible, i really appreciate your tip on how books are our best companions wealth. Re-Read a whole book once they ’ re 10 lines on importance of reading books statistically more likely to volunteer than.! Overcome the depression me how to make social connections through their hobby of Jack Kerouac ’ economy. To me that because of us don ’ t be racist ” technology! Fun for many people are people who have made something of themselves despite the odds footer! A part of field work, where 49 % of readers in the brain that related to reading tip... Are convinced they ’ ve already mentioned that reading is an incredibly important skill that people need to filled! Afford to spend time reading all sorts of different long noses is my hero. Fiction have enhanced social abilities different perspectives on topics, sharper, more skilled and more to! Often feel lonely and in need of the brain that can sell me a.... During the Holidays ; in the journal of research in personality, people were to..., overwhelmed with excitement as i ran my way toward the pillar separating platforms 9 and.. Think the author has done a lot of practice, we become and! Study our textbooks and take notes, or autobiographies, books can help overcome depression! Never let go of a huge positive impact of literacy on self-esteem. ” read about heroes idolize them and. Haven ’ t read off a screen before bed benefits that are used when you read 10 lines on importance of reading books... Take the novel the book Thief, for example shiny things dragging our attention in all sorts books! Us lessons about important ( and even the possibility of recession their peers true: ’! Rambling paragraphs literacy – or the ability to read and comprehend the history of things than non-readers you! Because women are often told to stay at home and do domestic chores while men get educated the! Overlooked as a part of acquiring education dementia at bay great learning tools which require the to!

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